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Spiritual Growth

In the United Church of Canada, we know that each person has their own life path, their own way of being in relationship with the Divine Mystery which we experience in Jesus. Our congregation offers a wide variety of ways to grow spiritually stronger, the most important one is probably simply being in relationship with each other. We meet Jesus in the ups and downs of life together as a church community, and so we place a strong emphasis on building community here. We are diverse, and we grow spiritually by practicing a gracious hospitality towards each other - stretching to meet in unity across our differences, and rejoicing when we share communion.

We also have regular opportunities for spiritual practice:

  • our Adult Study Group reads and discusses spiritually challenging books by a wide variety of authors; we also have annual special group studies on topical issues, connecting our beliefs with our practices in the world
  • our Church Library is well-stocked with classics and contemporary books and films on a wide variety of topics
  • our Sanctuary is a place for quiet contemplation in a place with serene décor using natural materials and colours – we open this to the whole community every day
  • our twice-a-year Film Festivals are opportunities to ask questions in community about how theology intersects with human life in sometimes challenging, but always wondrous, ways
  • for six months/year, our large Gardens are places where members and non-members can help green plants grow beautifully
  • very significantly, we want our love of healthy spiritual community to grow beyond our congregation into God’s beautiful and hurting world – and so we sponsor many events which seek justice, strengthen kindness, and help us all learn to walk humbly with our God.

For more information: Call 416-444-8444