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Becoming a Member

Membership in The Donway Covenant United Church links you in heart, mind, spirit and voice with this faith community.  It means deepening your relationship with Jesus Christ and exploring the daily reality of following His path.

Membership is a process of discovery. Some people arrive at The Donway Covenant as seasoned veterans of the United Church. Others are newcomers seeking a vibrant faith community they can call home.

If you choose not to become an official member of The Donway Covenant, you are welcome to consider yourself an "adherent".  An adherent is someone who is involved with the church, and attends regularly, but hasn't taken the final step of becoming a member.  Some people prefer to be adherents if they have been born into another faith and wish to honour that tradition.  Or you can just come and join us when you're able.

How to become a member

  1. Join us for a Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. We hope you will feel and enjoy a real sense of community and fellowship.
  2. If you like what you've experienced, contact either the minister, Rev. Jennifer Palin after the worship service or the Church Administrator / Property Manager, Jillian Warner during the week and let either know that you are considering membership at The Donway Covenant.
  3. If you communicate your decision to become a member to the Church Administrator she will set up a date for you to meet with the minister.
  4. After that meeting, a date for Membership Sunday will be set.  Membership Sunday is held during our regular 10:30 Sunday service. Along with other people who wish to join, you will be formally welcomed before the Congregation at that time.
  5. Your level of church involvement is up to you, but we encourage an active membership at The Donway Covenant. You may consider bringing energy and ideas to committee work or the many day-to-day tasks that keep The Donway Covenant running smoothly. Please click on the link to our Volunteer Sign up Sheet.
  6. We hope that as a member, you will consider financial support in the form of givings. By this point, you may have received Offering Envelopes or arranged a pre-authorized remittance. If you require information about these options, Jillian, the Church Administrator / Property Manager, would be delighted to assist you.

More information: Jillian Warner, 416-444-8444; Click here to email