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Top Ten Questions by Newcomers

10. How should I dress for church?

Comfortably and casually. There is no dress code at The Donway Covenant and we welcome you just as you are.

9. How will I know what to do at the right time?

At the front door, a greeter will hand you a church bulletin that will walk you through the service.

8. What if I don’t know anyone else who goes to The Donway Covenant?

Both newcomers and regulars often come on their own. After the service we enjoy Fair Trade tea and coffee in the auditorium, so please join us.

7. How much money should I put in the collection plate?

There is no required donation from you. Should you become a regular, you may want to think about what amount you can afford to contribute towards supporting what we do. No offering is ever considered too small.

6. What if I can’t sing very well, don’t know the tune, or don’t want to?

There is no obligation to sing along. However, you may find you want to! When we sing our voices join together, and we all sound wonderful! There are song books located in each pew, and the bulletin will tell you which hymns are being sung when (they are numbered).

5. What if I’m not baptized?

Baptism is a very personal thing. We do not require that you be baptized to participate fully at The Donway Covenant. At the same time, should you feel this is something you’d like to pursue, you are invited to discuss it with our minister.

4. What if I happen to come when they are serving communion?

You will hear us say “Everyone is welcome at the table.” That means you may join if you are sincerely seeking to follow Christ. If you want to observe the first time, that is also fine by us. There is no pressure either way. Like baptism, receiving communion is a personal choice.

3. Is there a preferred time of year to start going to church?

When you feel the urge to listen for God’s message, and share that curiosity in a community of faith, the time is right for you to check us out. Some people join us for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or when they start a family. There is no reason better than another, or a better time than now.

2. I’m not “United”. Can I still come to The Donway Covenant?

The United Church of Canada started out as a merger of several denominations and at The Donway Covenant we continue that tradition today. In fact, we bet if you asked ten of our church members if they were brought up United, 8 would say “No”. We are open to anyone who is on a spiritual journey. Come out and see if The Donway Covenant is the place to call your spiritual home.

1. Is The Donway Covenant  the right church for me?

We can’t really answer that question for you. But we can tell you that it’s the right place for us, and we welcome others to join us. Why don’t you try us on for size by coming to a service or contacting our minister today? You may discover that The Donway Covenant is your spiritual home, too!